Allan Hall

"All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us." - Gandalf the Grey

About Me

Full-Stack Web Developer

Although I am originally from Fort Worth, Texas, my enthusiasm for learning new languages led me to attend a full-time immersive program for Full-Stack Web Development at the Suncoast Developers Guild. As a recent transplant to the Tampa area, I am looking for a company where I can utilize my newly cultivated technology skills to help clients and customers fulfill their needs. Below are some of my projects, click on the images to visit the individual sites!


Minesweeper is a classic game that everyone enjoys playing. This was my first look into fetching data to and from APIs on a React App.

Rick and Morty

Using react-router-dom to dynamically create webpages, I pulled from a Rick and Morty API to show all of the characters and episodes in the beloved series with Hooks in React.



St. Petersburg FL



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